This year, there were so many battles healthcare workers were fighting. On top of demanding better working conditions, increased wages, improved health and safety policies, and ending workplace violence, they were also hit with COVID-19. SEIU Healthcare launched several campaigns in response to the pandemic. We wanted to make sure that all healthcare professionals were able to share their stories, concerns, and issues from the frontlines.

Care for Healthcare

At the beginning of the pandemic, we launched our Care for Healthcare campaign that demanded personal protective equipment (PPE) for all healthcare professionals. Over 9000 letters were sent to the Ford government.

Care Not Profits

SEIU Healthcare teamed up with other healthcare unions and invited the public, our members, and residents’ family and friends to demand reforms from Doug Ford. We need funds to be spent on better care for seniors in long-term care facilities, rather than going into the pockets of corporate shareholders.

The Care Not Profits ad was aired for the first time during the Toronto Blue Jays’ season opener in July. Our letter to the Ford government was sent 100,000 times by concerned Ontarians who want to see changes in long-term care now!


To honour personal support workers (PSWs), SEIU Healthcare launched our PSW Day campaign. PSWs’ commitment to their profession and those they care for is repeatedly overlooked, but we all know they play a vital role in the health system, and without them, many residents wouldn’t receive the proper care they need. The campaign featured countless stories of incredible PSWs at SEIU Healthcare.

Nurses United

Our Nurses United campaign was launched during this year’s Nursing Week. We invited the public to share their support and appreciation to nurses by sharing a story and joining the fight for the better treatment of all nurses.

Seniors’ Month

A part of our Seniors’ Month celebration was the launch of our Seniors’ Month campaign. The COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted long-term care facilities and retirement homes. Our vulnerable senior population was hit the hardest and needed help immediately.

SEIU Healthcare Long-Term Care Home Petition received thousands of signatures.

Ford Forgot Me

We highlighted hospital workers from various designations about their feelings on how the Ford government handled Pandemic Pay. During a time where the healthcare system needs to be united, the Ford government is creating chaos and division.

Homecare is Essential Campaign

SEIU Healthcare launched our “Homecare is Essential” campaign that supports all homecare and community care workers. The government and their employers need to acknowledge that they are crucial to the homecare sector and the health system. The work they do can not be ignored and each worker in this sector is essential. The petition aims to include these workers under the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act (HLDAA). In a time where the health system is facing unpredictable challenges, we need ALL healthcare workers to be included and recognized.

If you have not added your voice, please show your support and sign the petition today.

DSW Campaign –
WSIB Recommendation

DSW Campaign

WSIB Recommendation

Last year during our DSW campaign, we met with the WSIB panel and presented our suggestions. Earlier this month, the WSIB Review Panel issued their report along with their recommendations.

Recommendation #7 states:

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and the government should extend mandatory coverage to developmental support workers and those working in residential care facilities.

We asked our members to send an important letter supporting the recommendation to their local MPPs and the Ford Government. Over hundreds letters have been sent, if you have not participated and want to show your support please click on button below.